Vulcanizing Accelerator ETU NA-22

Chemical Name: Ethylene thiourea

Molecular Formula: C3H6N2S

Molecular Weight: 102.17

CAS NO. : 96-45-7
Executive standard HG/T2343-92

Item Index
Superior Grade First Grade Qualified Grade

Appearance (Visual inspection)

white powder

Initial M.P, oC        ≥

195.0 193.0 192.0

Loss on drying, %   ≤

0.30 0.30 0.50

Ash, %                  ≤

0.30 0.30 0.50

Residues on 150μm sieve, % ≤  

0.50 0.10 0.10

Properties: White powder. Little bitter. Density is 1.42-1.43. Soluble in water,alcohol, ethylene glycol pyridine, do not dissolve ether, benzene, chloroform petroleum ether.  No pollution to final products. Stabilization storage

Application:: The product can be used to chloroprene rubber, Epichlorohydrin rubber, chlorinated polyethylene, etc., are particularly suited to non-curing system of the chlorine-butylamine Hopewell accelerator. Can often 100-500 , with the right selection system can be the best rapid curing, the whole parade security. Its products vulcanized high tensile strength, permanent deformation small for W (54-1 type polychloroprene), a non-curing system into effect significantly. It usually with zinc oxide magnesium oxide together with the use, mainly for industrial products, coating lines, shoes other clothing chloroprene rubber products.
Packaging: 25kg plastic woven bag, paper with plastic film bag, Kraft paper bag.

Storage: To keep the bags tightly closed in a cool, well-ventilated place at 25 max, to place the goods on the dry wooden shelf at a height of 20cm min. And to avoid from moisture, sunshine, light fires. The recommended max.shelf life is 2 years.

Note: The product could be ultra fine powder based on customer accurate require.